1999 Sonoma SLS 4.3L and auto trans. The engine, trans, gas tank,
exhaust, computer and lot of the wiring have all been removed. Will convert
the pickup bed to a tiltbed, the batteries will go behind the cab.

Parts List
3 phase AC 10" water cooled Motor my own design
Curtis 1239-144-volt Controller
Transmission 4L60E with OptiShift Controller
Heat 1500 watt ceramic heater core
Airconditioning, install a 6500btu 110V scroll compressor R12.
Main Battery Pack, 50 Calib 200 a/h batteries,

This is how I constucted the tilt bed brackets......leaving the bed on the truck....
This was a simple bracket to make, just took a piece of 2x2 angle (long enough to cover two bed mount holes) and laid it on the truck rails to mark the existing holes that bolted the bed down, marked those holes on the 2x2 angle. Drilled out the angle and reamed the holes on the truck rails (so the head of the bolts would go through). Had to add a side plates (that was welded to the angle) it covered the existing holes where the bumper was mounted and used the rear existing bumper mount hole as the pivot point. Since the front bumper mount hole could not be used and the bumper was hanging on the rear pivot bolt, leveled the bumper welded the bumper to the new side plate.

The gas springs are two 90lb 36" in length they hold the bed up perfectly.

This knob is the lift handle and locking pin for the bed.

Got the battery boxes done.

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