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When you reflashed the firmware, you removed the HPEV firmware.  So, all of the "motor type" files were flushed.
Those were for HPEV  made motors only so your little demo motor would not be there any ways.

Having said that, a perm mag motor does not have the same rotor mag configuration as an induction motor.  It would drive the Curtis controller crazy because the adaptive strategy is induction motor only.  BUT, (Just a wild idea) you could mount an encoder to the little motor,  it just might work......might and might not.  Only a Curtis engineer could tell you.  Could you sent me a picture of your test motor? 

Sorry about the late help, I'm 66 and I have my good days and not so good days.  I have been indoors for the last few days....

Glad you got the controller to at least twitch a small motor.

NOW:  After a new reflash or change to a new motor, you will need to hook up to the new motor and run the "Motor characteration " routine so it can do all of it's internal settings before the controller can really take advantage of it's new parameters.

Set the test amps to 300.  Then follow the instructions here:

NOTE:  Your "motor type" parameter will always read as "0".  as all the files were flushed.  Changing this after doing the motor characterization routine will cause you to NEED to do the routing over again!

Let us know.....
When you flash a controller    :Ff<:   there is no motor type that was for hpev (VCL) different motors.

TYPE 50 for the AC-50  ect....

Your type should be on 0  zero

The curtis controller has to have an encoder, think of it this way, how does the controller
know which way the motor is turning? CW or CCW or the RPM     Make sense


I know you said you were going to refer to one of you controller configs to verify my setting but I finally got it to work.
I left the controller alone for a few days and came back to it with a fresh set of eyes.
I got the controller to work by re-flashing the controller with a different OS file.
After building a new harness, I connected a tiny 3 phase permanent magnet motor from a hobby helicopter and got it to move when moving the throttle.
The motor has no feedback encoder so the movement was not smooth but it did turn and at least I know the controller is working now.
I don't plan on using permanent magnet motors in my application but do you know if there is a motor TYPE parameter that would work with such a motor?
It would be neat to see this little motor fully spin up on my bench. My traction motors are probably 300lb or more and I cannot easily move them near my office to do further testing.

Conversions and Builds / Re: Ivan's 1999 Sonoma Electric
« Last post by mizlplix on October 10, 2017, 01:45:53 PM »
But does it drive. (I think not)   :HH*:

Lots of work there Ivan. 

I sure wish those cells were available
wen I bought those things I got.

Think of how many I could have got for $6,300 USD.....
Conversions and Builds / Re: Ivan's 1999 Sonoma Electric
« Last post by Ivan on October 10, 2017, 09:50:13 AM »
Here is more battery porn and the Elcon Charger  :lA^:
The bottom pic is the Kia Optima battery packs
got six of these packs right now.
I dont remember it like that.  I will plug into mine today and
play with it. Ill get back to you later on.
Here is a pic of what I see on outputs.
As I move the pot I see nothing on the OUTPUT table change.
In fact most of the lines in the OUTPUT table refer to proportional drivers or other aux driver outputs. I don't see anything related to main motor output or "Throttle".
I do do see movement on the INPUT table for the pot.

You show to be looking in  MONITOR/ THROTTLE/ INPUTS.

Try looking in  MONITOR/ OUTPUTS/ THROTTLE 1. (to see if your throttle 1 pot is working correctly.)
That measures the pot output.

I am working with a 1236 controller.
It was recently wiped to remove VCL coding with firmware 1234-6-8
The controller is set up for bench testing only.
I have the following wired:
3 wire pot
FWD & REV on inputs 7 & 8
Serial comms

I have throttle mode set to 2 and I have disabled any functions that are not necessary on a bench (brake, interlock panic reverse)
With this minimal wiring I am able to eliminate all error codes and I have a normal yellow blinking LED at 1hz.

If I power up the controller, set the forward switch and advance the travel pot slowly I can see the pot voltage on my laptop change.
I can also see the throttle map value increment.
What I don't see is the Throttle Command increment.
As I advance the pot from 0 to 50 percent I do not see any error code indicating there is a sequencing fault or some other limit switch fault.
No errors in history either.

Any ideas why the Throttle Command value does not climb?


Conversions and Builds / here we are !!
« Last post by proff on September 05, 2017, 12:13:46 PM »
hello guys !!
here it is the beginning of story
I bought a 15 kw motor
it's an old industrial saw dust collector motor but it has never been plug to any thing yet ( the owner of shop where I bought it takes his retirement before)
I did not started to put it apart yet because I need to finish some other project to get space in workshop first
if you look at the pictures album you can see the description plate
it's says
3 phases
1445 RPM
97 kg (~214lbs) I know what you thing it's too heavy .. I 'm affraid of this also
the casing is in aluminium (except front and probably back face)
it has a cooling blower on back side
unfortunatly its not a front face mount but I pay it 150 and even if I must rewind it, it's stays cheaper than a ACXX ...
what do you think ? did I made a mistake to select this one ? (even if I read read an read again the topic how to pick up a motor for conversion rewinding)
the objective is to put it appart and rewind it to get around 4500rpm under load joint it to an 2004 VW passat gear box (6 gears) modify transmission axles to put all on this :
thank's for any advices I will let you know onece I will open it !

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