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Reloading the .45ACP
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:51:30 PM »
Greetings to everyone!   :Ll>:
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I have been reloading for somewhere around 35 years.  I have pretty much made every mistake that can be made.   It has made me careful and methodical , which was what I should have been from the first.

My first and most loaded cartridge is the old >45acp.  a large bore, straight-walled case which is easy and forgiving to reload.

My favorite load is the lead 180 Gr SWC using 5.2 Gr of 700X powder.  (A double base, nitroglycerine powder)

It is extremely dirty as it burns black and gets everywhere. Clean your pistol every time you use it! (You did that anyways...Right?)

This load is MAX, but safe in almost every gun I fired it in.

TIP:  At a Gunshow, look for .50 BMG belted blanks.  They are kinda cheap......Make a tapered punch for your loader and push open the star crimp to pour out the powder.  It looks familiar...It should, it is 800X. You just got a cheap source of pistol powder and if you are careful, some .50BMG primers too.

Load at the same 700X specs.  It works nicely.

I have reloaded the same brass over 10 times.  It eventually starts cracking....To prolong the brass, do not crimp the bullets too hard or when loading lead bullets and bell mouth the case to allow the bullet to seat without shaving lead, Bell-mouth only far enough to let the bullet start .  I use a .45ACP sizing die without the de-capper pin to lightly crimp the brass into the lead bullet.  It head spaces on the case mouth remember?

Always look to see the powder charge and verify it is to the same apparent level as the others before seating the bullet. (Or sad times will be had by all)

I am currently loading for the DeLisle clone my son built.  It is a WW2 silenced rifle in .45ACP built on an Enfield frame.

That is an Aussie built Enfield with a custom .45 barrel, mag well spacer and a Bowers CAC45 suppressor with all of the new ATAS updates.  It is VERY quiet and deadly accurate from 25 - 150 Yds. (a 230 Gr. JRN @ 1,000FPS) 

To eliminate the "First round crack" that all suppressors suffer from, you blow two breaths of air into the supressor before firing the first time to dilute the oxygen which causes the crack. The combustion gasses take care of the follow-up shots.)

A lot of fun!


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