Author Topic: Sharing our experiences and traditions.  (Read 2254 times)

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Sharing our experiences and traditions.
« on: December 20, 2013, 01:01:14 PM »
Lately, here in America, there seems to be a lot of talking about firearms.   :bx:

Well, mostly it is aimless Bla-bla-bla from both sides.

I for one, was raised to respect firearms and was required to be competent in their usage.  My family was not fanatics about it, just careful.

Later in life, it was my privilege to belong to an organization that had amongst it's members, a dozen world class marksmen.  In my 12 years in that select group, I learned a lot and even taught some back (lol).

I hope all of you readers will contribute your experiences, asking questions or sharing a story. 

If you have anything to share with our community, please join and post.

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