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Contact Info
« on: January 01, 2014, 02:53:39 PM »
If you would like to contact Mizlplix or Ivan here is our email.   or

Join our community and be a part.  Share information or questions without fear of attracting an "Internet Troll".

Our study group has been looking and learning from places all over the world, where brave individuals have been hand rebuilding AC industrial motors into AC Electric Vehicle motors. The results vary from quite good to quite miserable. 

It is the intent of this board to gather all of this information, both good and not so good, and construct a data base of how it is done.

We have information from selecting the right core for your vehicle, to selecting wire and insulation for the rewind. 

We will get into winding patterns, turns and  in-hand amounts to handle the increased current in an EV.

We even have a volunteer to make a hand winding video to share. It is really basic and easy.  Once you see it done......

Like most of you, We have "real" jobs too, so bear with us, contribute, and help us to build this into  a really great site.

It is against our beliefs to denigrate, trash talk or otherwise give out negative information about others.  (Normal internet forum activities)

This type of behavior is not conducive to learning.

If you feel the same way, then you have found the right place. 

:co<:  If you bought just one or two extra can goods a week and donated to a food bank   Nobody would go hungry.