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new aboard
« on: March 23, 2016, 09:27:48 AM »
hi all
I'm just new here I'm just introducing myself
my name is olivier I'm from france I'm 39 years old and I'm computer ingeneer working for a research lab in robotic sience in paris france (I'm working on multicopters)
I'll use part of my registering email to ivan to explain my project and why I'm here

I'm working on an old 1963 peugeot van

the original van is powered by a 48hp diesel engine (or 46hp petrol engine) front wheel drive.
it weights 1550kg (3417 lb) for diesel one ( a bit less for petrole one) and its a 4 gear drive
I still have a lot of bodywork before starting the electric convertion but i'm trying to prepare and understand all steps and items I need for
I start by looking for other converted cars and van to know what motor and what battery capacity etc I need .
I feel a bit lost so I've talk to hpevs and some other kits resalers to get there point of view but here in europe there is no dedicated electric car kit compagny and for us imported stuff price is multiplied by 1.7 (that put the motor alone to somting like 7500$ for the AC51 for exemple)
so I start to look for hobbiest motor builder but I found just few one intrested in small or mid sized bldc build for RC purpose
and finaly I fall on you rewinding videos

I would be intrested to read more on motor design and how you are sizing correctly the winding nomber of wire wire gauge turn number etc ...
I would like to understant how all these parameters influence the motor caracteristics and what is important for car convertion purpose I've read the topic you labeled "Finding or Picking a New Motor for Rewind" and i found it very intresting but I would to deep a bit more and understand the "why"

for my van project I have 2 differents ideas
first I just do like all other home converters I just replace the petrol motor by an electric one
and it would be already a huge work for me
but first gear ratio on the gear box are short ( because van was design to deal with 1500kg of payload) gear box is full cast iron it weight may be 100kg alone
to reach the 60mph with sutch a gear box the motor has to turn at 6000 rpm
so my other idea is a bit out of box but I dare to explain it
my goal would be to put a toothed pulley just between rear wheel and brake drum
and put 2 motors ( one for each rear wheel ) with small pulley to divide speed and get enough torque
I dont know how to explain it in english but there is no chassis on theses vans it's an autonomous body it's a bit more complexe for the rear axle.

sory if my english is not so good as you suppose it's not my mother language
thank's for any advices you can give me and any url/books/articles/etc you can indicate me to read

have great time


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Re: new aboard
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2016, 06:20:01 PM »
Greetings Proff:  Welcome to the forum.  Not to worry, your english is fine.
I am always impressed when I find someone has taken extra effort to learn
a difficult language when it is not their native one.

There is a LOT of good information in this forum.  Unfortunately it is not too active these days
as there are few who want to make their own motors.  They are actually simple when you get into it.
There are a lot of steps, but it is worth it, especially when good EV motors are expensive.....

If you follow our directions, you will need a controller that operated from 20-70 Volts AC on the motor side.
The controller will tell you how much voltage to make your battery pack. The pack voltage will not affect
your output AC voltage, but it will help your range some. 

Ivan is in and out these days and may be slow to answer you. 

Welcome to the forum, Miz
1930 Ford Speedster, AC50, full manual powerglide, 6.14gears, 38-130AH CALBs.

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Re: new aboard
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2016, 05:18:26 PM »
thank's mizlplix for welcoming me and sorry for this long time offline I was busy at job and busy at home b ut now i'm a bit me free and I got time to clean up my workplace at home
my project still not died and I'm lookling for a good motor candidate to try to be re-winded. :)
I'll go read again the topic "how to find the good one " ;)