I found a new motor, it is a 20 hp, 220-440, 3450 rpm, 2 pole,48 slot, aluminum frame motor.
It has a longer stator for VF duty. I will wind it 2=turn, 12-inhand, 18 gauge, 4 pole, 60 volts,
this 2 pole motor has more back iron than a 4 pole.

I allready found a new home for this motor.

Mizlplix 1930 Model A Roadster Electric

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Here is a video of Mizlplix driving his electric car.

Here is a pictures of Mizs Roadster and the new motor.

This is a pic of his old motor in the car, AC-50

This is the motor I started with, 20hp, 2pole, wound for 4pole.

I am splining the shaft for a turbo 400 yoke, Mizlplix will be running this motor direct drive.

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